About the Journal

Focus and Scope of the Journal

The origins of the journal Acta Universitatis Lodziensis, Folia Litteraria Romanica date back to the late 1970s. The first journal of the Romance Studies of the University of Lodz was published in 1982 as part of Acta Universitatis Lodziensis. Folia Litteraria on the initiative of Prof. Kazimierz Kupisz. It was supposed to publish scholarly works of the local Romance scholars and materials from scientific conferences held by the Department of Romance Studies of the University of Lodz. Altogether nine usually thematic volumes have appeared in print over the space of several years.

Owing to Prof. Zbigniew Naliwajek Folia Litteraria Romanica became an heir of this series in 2000. For the last fifteen years Folia Litteraria Romanica has been specializing in publications from the field of Romance literary studies, gradually expanding its spectrum to include linguistics. The primary language of publications is French, although the journal also publishes papers in other Romance language or in Polish. The journal publishes papers of scholars both from home and abroad. Literary studies concern selected authors, literary genres or idiosyncratic cognitive problems, forming then part of the history of idea. Linguistic works tend to revolve around issues which belong to different fields of linguistics, for example lexicology, paremiology, semantics, diasystemic language differentiation or comparative linguistics.

The journal has been published on an annual basis for the last couple of years.

For the past few years, the FLR has appeared in one the form of one yearly volume. As from 2015, its numbers will be accessible, free of charge, on the site of the University of Łódź. In 2015 the periodical FLR was indexed on the list of Ministry of Science and Higher Education (list B) with a value of 6 points and in 2018 with a value of 20 points.