For Reviewers

The Editorial Board of FLR reserves its right to appoint Reviewers who will carry an evaluation of the paper. The names of selected Reviewers will appear in the printed volume. Anonymity will be maintained during the reviewing process, both Reviewers and Authors remaining unknown to one another throughout the process. The choice of Reviewers will be determined by the nature of the article, its chosen topic and the scientific area(s) covered. In their evaluations, Reviewers will conform to the criteria set out in the Review Form FLR. Corrections made by the Author based on suggestions made by the Reviewers will be entered by the Author in the appropriate errata file (Errata FLR). After evaluation only minor modifications to take account of the Reviewers’ suggestions will be accepted. At this stage no addition to the text will be allowed.

 A paper submitted for publication will be reviewed by two experts (double blind review process). If the two reports differ in their evaluation, the Editorial Board will submit the paper to a third Reviewer whose decision will be final.