The Etymology of Latin nimbus (and its Iranian Cognates)


  • Paul S. Cohen


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Latin nimbus, Iranian *nambV-, reduplication, instrument


After a brief review of prior etymological attempts found in the literature, a complete, rule-governed etymology of Latin nimbus ‘rain cloud, sudden downpour, etc.’ – including a precise explanation of the medial nasal – is propounded. It is based on the Indo-European reduplication process that produces nouns, as delineated by Cohen (2014; 2015; 2017), and on Latin sound laws given and exemplified by Weiss (2009).

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Paul S. Cohen

Paul S. Cohen – a retired IBM Research Staff Member and Program Manager of Computational Linguistics. Earlier, he had, i.a., been an Asst. Editor on The Random House Dictionary of the English Language and then a Research Associate (equivalent to Asst. Prof.) at Brooklyn College of The City University of New York, developing instructional materials to help speakers of African-American Vernacular English improve their Standard English skills. He is now an independent researcher in Indo-European historical linguistics, English-language lexicography and philology, and American English dialectology.


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Cohen, P. S. . (2020). The Etymology of Latin nimbus (and its Iranian Cognates). Collectanea Philologica, (23), 5–8.