Fuzzy Sub-Equality Algebras Based on Fuzzy Points





equality algebra, fuzzy set, fuzzy point, fuzzy ideal, sub-equality algebras, \((\in, \in)\)-fuzzy sub-equality algebras, \((\in, \in\! \vee \, {q})\)-fuzzy sub-equality algebras, \((q, \in\! \vee \, {q})\)-fuzzy sub-equality algebras


In this paper, by using the notion of fuzzy points and equality algebras, the notions of fuzzy point equality algebra, equality-subalgebra, and ideal were established. Some characterizations of fuzzy subalgebras were provided by using such concepts. We defined the concepts of \((\in, \in)\) and \((\in, \in\! \vee \, {q})\)-fuzzy ideals of equality algebras, discussed some properties, and found some equivalent definitions of them. In addition, we investigated the relation between different kinds of \((\alpha,\beta)\)-fuzzy subalgebras and \((\alpha,\beta)\)-fuzzy ideals on equality algebras. Also, by using the notion of \((\in, \in)\)-fuzzy ideal, we defined two equivalence relations on equality algebras and we introduced an order on classes of \(X\), and we proved that the set of all classes of \(X\) by these order is a poset.


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