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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • Prepare your submission in LaTeX using the BSLstyle style files. Try to comply with the guidelines included in the "Instructions for authors" file.
  • When your manuscript is ready, submit it through our editorial platform, using the Make a Submission button. At this stage only a pdf file with your manuscript is required (without source files). Mind also that all metadata fields for the paper, including the title, abstract, keywords, funding agencies (if applicable), and the data of all contributing authors should be filled at this point. The metadata introduced to the editorial system must be consistent with the appropriate sections of the submitted paper.
  • If you submit a paper to a special issue, choose the appropriate section name to assign your submission to this issue. If you submit a regular paper, you may suggest an editor you would like to see your submission through the editorial process in the "Comments for the Editor" field. Information about our Editorial Committee can be found here. If you leave this field empty, the Editorial Office will assign an editor to your paper based on their area of expertise.
  • After the reviewing stage you might be asked to revise your paper in accordance with the reviewers' remarks. In such a case, you should upload the revised version to our editorial platform and attach a cover letter in which you explain how you addressed the reviewers' comments.
  • When your paper is finally accepted for publication, you will be asked to provide all source files which are necessary for compilation, including the main .tex file and the external .bib file with your bibliography.
  • After receiving all source files for your paper the Editorial Office will prepare an article proof which will then be made available to you on the editorial platform. In the notification, you will be asked to revise the proof and send us your corrections within 10 days. At this stage only minor changes can made concerning, e.g., typos, errors in typsetting etc. No substantial modifications of the contents of the paper are allowed.

    You will also be requested to fill, sign and send the Declaration of the Author.
  • When we receive your revised galley proofs, Declaration of the Author, and necessary copyright permissions, within 14 days your paper will be assigned a DOI number and published in the Early View section, where articles accepted for publication and awaiting assignment to an issue are made available to the public.

Author Guidelines

Manuscripts Papers submitted to the BSL should be formatted using the BSLstyle LaTeX class with the manuscript option loaded, which can be dowloaded from here. All prospective authors should follow read the "Instructions for authors" file included in the style files folder and follow the guidelines included there. Abstract and keywords are compulsory parts of each submission as they will be used in the BSL online search tools. Mind that an abstract should contain no references and the list of keywords should consist of at least 3 items. It is also recommended that each author who has an ORCID number provides it in the .tex source file. Authors who are unable to comply with these requirements should contact the Editorial Office in advance. 

Paper Length There is no fixed limit imposed on the length of submitted papers, however one can expect that for shorter papers, up to 18 pages long, the Editorial Board will be able to reduce the time needed for the reviewing process. 

Footnotes should be avoided as much as possible, however it is not disallowed to use them if necessary.

Bibliography should be formatted using BibTeX and the BSLbibstyle bibliography style (to be found in the style files folder). It is essential that to each bibliography item a plain DOI number (i.e., not a full link) is attached whenever applicable. If a submitted paper is accepted for publication, the author(s) should provide the bibliography file in the .bib format among other source files. For more details on bibliography processing the authors are referred to the "Instructions for authors". Authors unfamiliar with BibTeX are advised to familiarize themselves with this short tutorial or video tutorial on managing bibliographies with BibTeX.

Affiliation and mailing addresses of all the authors should be included in the \Affiliation and \AuthorEmail fields, respectively, in the source .tex file.

Submission When the manuscript is ready, it should be submitted through our editorial platform, using the the Make a Submission button. If the paper is meant to be included in a special issue, the appropriate section name should be selected before submitting it. If the paper is regular, the authors can indicate the editor they would like to supervise the editorial process or leave this decision to the Editorial Office by selecting the "Regular Article (No Specified Editor)" option before submission.

Publication Once the manuscript has been accepted for publication and the galley proof has been revised by the authors, the article is given a DOI number and published in the Early View section, where articles accepted for publication and awaiting assignment to an issue are made available to the public. The authors will be notified when their article is assigned to an issue.

Copyright permission It is the authors' responsibility to obtain the necessary copyright permission from the copyright owner(s) of the submitted paper or extended abstract to publish the submitted material in the BSL.

Special Issue "Reasoning about Social Phenomena"

High quality research papers concerning applications of logic to social phenomena including the following topics (not exclusively) are welcome:
- philosophical logic (deontic, epistemic, causal, probabilistic etc.) within social context,
- multi agent logics,
- non-monotonic reasoning,
- formal social sciences,
- formal ethics.
Guest editors:
Beishui Liao (Zhejiang University in Hangzhou),
Fengkui Ju (Bejing Normal University),
Tomasz Jarmużek (Nicoulaus Copernicus University in Toruń),
Piotr Kulicki (The John Paul Catholic University of Lublin).