General info

We would like to kindly inform all potential authors that in connection with the participation in the project of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education "Support for scientific journals", the editors of the journal "Turyzm / Tourism" – in addition to the substantive value confirmed by two positive reviews – will take into account the following premises when deciding on the qualification of works for publication:

 1) country of origin of the author (s)

 2) the subject of the article:

  • referring to the current global scientific discourse (currently fashionable issues, media, popular topic, references to known theories and models, polemical works, etc.),
  • presenting local phenomena occurring in Polish tourism, but interesting for foreign readers (e.g. the specificity of a post-communist country, the period of transformation, differences and similarities with other countries of the region, diffusion of global trends, etc.),

3) clarity and legibility of the text for foreign readers (the need to explain certain terms, dates, historical contexts, geographic locations, etc., commonly known in Poland, but not always understandable to foreign readers),

4) broad and complete references to the world literature on the subject (literature review), numerous citations of recognized foreign authors, magazines and publications,

5) inclusion in the work of articles published in Tourism (if the subject matter has already appeared in this journal)