Anti Ghostwriting and Guest Authorship Policy



Reliability in science is one of its qualitative fundamentals. Readers should be certain that the authors of publications present the results of their research in a transparent, reliable and honest way, no matter if they are the sole authors or have used the help of an expert entity (a natural or legal person). The evidence of the researcher's ethical attitude as well as the highest editorial standards should be the disclosure of information regarding the entities partaking in the creation of the publication (factual, material, financial, etc. input), which is an expression not only of good practice, but also social responsibility.

Unethical attitudes are those of ghostwriting and guest authorship.

Ghostwriting occurs when someone has made a substantial input to a publication, yet their contribution as one of the authors is not revealed, or when their role is not mentioned in the Acknowledgments.

Guest authorship (honorary authorship) occurs when despite the fact that the person's contribution to work is insignificant  or none at all, he/she appears as the author or a co-author.

To prevent both malpractices, the editors of the "Turyzm/Tourism" journal have introduced the following procedure:

- the authors of publications are obliged to disclose the contribution of individual authors to the creation of  the work (quoting their affiliations and contributions, i.e. information about the identity of the authors of the conceptions, assumptions, methods, protocol, etc., used while preparing the publication); the main responsibility lies with the author submitting the article.

- the authors are obliged to disclose information about the sources of financing the publication, the contribution of scientific and research institutions, associations and other entities (financial disclosure).

The editors inform that all revealed cases of unethical attitudes will be exposed, and relevant entities (institutions employing the authors, scientific associations, scientific editors associations, etc.) will be notified about them. The editors document all manifestations of scientific unreliability, particularly cases of breaking and violating  the ethical rules applicable in science. Thus, all authors are asked to fill in the Declaration of authors' contribution to  creating the publication, sign it, scan and send via e-mail (*.jpg or *.pdf format) to the editors.

We kindly inform that the articles submitted by persons who will not comply with this obligation will be rejected for formal reasons.