Anti-plagiarism policy

Anti-plagiarism policy of the Qualitative Sociology Review

  1. The Journal Qualitative Sociology Review does not recognize any form of plagiarism or other abuses of this kind. In the event of any suspicion or accusation of plagiarism, the editors take appropriate steps to investigate and clarify the situation.
  2. In order to avoid the publication of an article that shows features of plagiarism, the editorial office uses an anti-plagiarism system.
  3. The anti-plagiarism policy of the journal is aimed at preventing all forms of plagiarism, protecting and respecting original research results, shaping responsible attitudes among researchers and protecting the authors’ intellectual property.
  4. The editors of the journal stipulate that any manifestations of scientific misconduct will be reported and documented. Submitting a text for publication by the author means that he has recognized and reliably signaled the works of researchers whose scientific achievements are referred to in his article.
  5. If plagiarism is detected after the publication of the article, the text is removed from the journal. In addition, the institutions employing the author, reviewers and injured parties are notified of the situation and its consequences.