In 2024, it is planned to publish a volume of Folia Iuridica entitled "Citizen – Knowledge – Law" whose editors will be Dr. Pawel Mazur and Dr. Tomasz Raburski. It will be devoted to the manifestations of the crisis of legal positivism in the aspect of various relations of knowledge and law. The premise of the publication is, in particular, to link the problems of knowledge with the question of citizenship and constitutional order.


The Editors of the volume invite proposals for publications addressing the following research problems:

  • epistemological diversity of knowledge in the legal order;
  • models of legal education;
  • what kind of legal knowledge is useful, expected, and necessary in democracies?;
  • legal standards of knowledge (e.g. in reasonable person standard);
  • what are the duties of public officials with regard to citizens' knowledge and the law;
  • what are the implications of epistemological concerns for the formation of democratic institutions?;
  • connections between personal knowledge and duties and responsibilities (esp. duty to know and responsibility for not knowing);
  • the problem of judicial knowledge and judicial cognition;
  • the differences in knowledge and epistemic standpoints between professional and non-professional actors in the legal order;
  • the relations between knowledge and the legitimation of law;
  • theories of truth in law;
  • a transformation of epistemic paradigms in the legal systems.


The deadline for submission of publication proposals - in the form of an abstract (about 1 typed page) - is May 31, 2023. Please send abstracts electronically to the Editors' email addresses:

1) or



Once approved by the Volume Editors, please submit articles meeting the editorial requirements (link below) via the OJS platform (link below) by December 31, 2023.


Editorial requirements:

Article submission:


You are cordially invited to publish!