By the decision of the Polish Ministry of Education and Science Acta Universitatis Lodziensis. Folia Oeconomica is included in the list of ranked scientific journals and is currently awarded 40 points (December 2021).

 We publish papers that fall into the following disciplines:

  • economics and finance
  • socio-economic geography and spatial management
  • management and quality science

and not just the one discipline mentioned on the ministerial list. This means that all published articles that are assigned to one of the disciplines represented by our journal will receive 40 points in the scientific units’ evaluation. This is a direct result of the explanation included in the document of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education: Evaluating the Quality of Scientific Activities (p. 34). It does not prohibit the evaluation of articles published in a journal to which a given discipline is not assigned, as long as such articles are thematically related to the research conducted within this discipline. This means that all the articles thematically related to the disciplines economics and finance and management and quality science, published in our journal, will receive 20 points, i.e. just like the articles from the socio-economic geography and spatial management discipline.