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Structure your paper and abstract

Body text

The recommended scheme of the article follows the IMRaD format (Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion) and  responds to the questions below:

Introduction and Importance (research justification)

  • What is the problem and why it is important?
  • What is the current state, the gaps or problems in the field?
  • What is the purpose of the study (hypotheses, objectives or research questions)?

Methods and materials

  • How the problem was solved (refer to commonly used methods rather than describe them in full detail)?
  • What materials were used (data, tools and techniques)?


  • What are the findings?


  • What did the study show (re-discussing again the study's problem in the light of the results)?
  • How the results relate to other studies in the field?
  • How the research is a novel contribution relative to previous research
  • What are the implications for current thinking or practice?
  • What are the limitations of the study?
  • What are the perspectives for further research?


  • What are the main points and the contribution of the research to the current state-of-the-art?



Abstract is a concise summary of the entire article. Typical abstract includes the following items:

  • Purpose of the study
  • Methods and materials used
  • Main findings
  • Principal conclusions