A 2 Set-Up Binary Routley Semantics for Gödelian 3-Valued Logic G3 and Its Paraconsistent Counterpart G3\(_\text{Ł}^\leq\)





binary Routley semantics, 2 set-up binary Routley semantics, 3-valued logics, paraconsistent logics, Gödelian 3-valued logic G3


G3 is Gödelian 3-valued logic, G3\(_\text{Ł}^\leq\) is its paraconsistent counterpart and G3\(_\text{Ł}^1\) is a strong extension of G3\(_\text{Ł}^\leq\). The aim of this paper is to endow each one of the logics just mentioned with a 2 set-up binary Routley semantics.


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Robles, G., & Méndez, J. M. (2022). A 2 Set-Up Binary Routley Semantics for Gödelian 3-Valued Logic G3 and Its Paraconsistent Counterpart G3\(_\text{Ł}^\leq\). Bulletin of the Section of Logic, 51(4), 487–505. https://doi.org/10.18778/0138-0680.2022.20



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