Copyright Notice

  1. The Author-Editors grant the Press the non-exclusive publishing rights licence for the Work in all fields of exploitation, including the right to copy it onto computer memory, to reproduce and make an unlimited number of copies by means of any technique, with particular focus on printing, reprography, magnetic recording and digitalizing, in order to publish, market and distribute it in volume form and in other printed forms, as well as in magnetic, optical and electronic form, including computer networks available to the general public (via the Internet), limited-access networks, the websites of the Press, and through open access (including the rules of the Creative Commons license BY-NC-ND. The license also includes the right for further sublicensing in the aforementioned fields of exploitation.
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  3. The Author-Editors also give their consent to the Press to distribute the Work as an open-access document (including the regulations of the Creative Commons license) upon the expiry of the period of the license, as referred to in Section 2.