Call for Papers 2022


In bombed-out London, Virginia Woolf saw the need to “think peace into existence” so that no one would ever again have to listen to the roar of deadly planes and bomb explosions. Was she a dreamer? A figure “from the Moon”?  After all, “[p]acifist are people from the Moon. They do not understand that if there were no strong resistance against dictatorship, fascism, communism, pacifism could not exist”*— said Marek Edelman.   

Si vis pacem, para bellum? — This is one of the questions we want to ask.  

Or perhaps - this is another question — pacifists understand more than Edelman supposed and that is why they stand for peace and against war? But what is this ‘more’? And can it withstand confrontation with military aggression, such as the military action taken by the Russian Federation against Ukraine? 

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