Review Process

Since 2007, texts submitted to the journal have been subject to a double-blind review procedure, i.e., both the person who submitted the text and the people reviewing the text remain anonymous to each other. As a rule, all submitted materials are reviewed, i.e., not only articles and review articles but also interviews and reviews (in this case, the text is referred to one person for review, in other cases - to two people). 

Circulation of the manuscript is through the OJS platform and can be viewed by the editors-in-chief and the journal secretary.  

It is recommended that reviews follow the COPE guidelines. 

Submitted articles are initially evaluated by the editorial board (conformity to the journal profile, scientific apparatus, linguistic correctness). At this stage, the editorial board may reject the text, giving the author the reasons for this decision, send the text back with a request for corrections, accept the text and send it for review. The circulation process is supervised by the Secretary. The Editorial Board receives anonymised versions of the texts for its opinion. In the event that the text is submitted by the person responsible for the secretariat, its fully anonymised circulation is managed by the journal's editor-in-chief. Reviewers are selected from outside the submitter's environment. 

A review form has been prepared for text reviewers, which allows quantitative and qualitative evaluation of submitted texts. Reviewers can recommend a text for publication, indicate the need for changes (conditional recommendation) or request the rejection of a text. Reviews are archived. 

In the case of conditional acceptance of a text for publication, the submitter may not take into account all the recommendations of the reviews. However, he/she is obliged to send a justification for his/her decisions. The justification shall be consulted with the person reviewing the text, and in a situation in which he/she does not accept the justification, the decision remains with the Editorial Board. 

The list of reviewers is published in the last issue of the journal each year.