Aims and Scope

  • Anthropological Review (formerly Przegląd Antropologiczny and Przegląd Antropologiczny - Anthropological Review) is the official publication of the Polish Anthropological Society.
  • It has had a long tradition of publication since its founding, in 1926, by Adam Wrzosek, an eminent Polish physical anthropologist and physician.
  • The journal is published quarterly with the financial support of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Poland.
  • It publishes (since 1997) in English, and is a scientific journal devoted to issues in physical anthropology (including human biological variation, human growth and development, paleoanthropology, skeletal biology, dental anthropology) and related fields of science (including health sciences, evolutionary psychology, theoretical biology, demography). The journal, therefore, attempts to promote an interdisciplinary view of the human being.

Why subscribe and read

  • premium source of high quality current research by Polish and international authors
  • over 80 years history of publishing
  • original and review papers covering full spectrum of physical anthropology and related fields of science
  • peer reviewed journal by experts from around the world

Why submit

  • rapid review (by two international reviewers) and fast editing process
  • submissions accepted in a wide range of categories: research articles, review articles, meta-analyses, brief communications, book reviews
  • read and corrected by an university trained native speaker of English

Rejection Rate

  • 40%