Editorial Instructions

1. Please use the address replay@uni.lodz.pl to submit your paper. You can use the .rtf, .doc, or .docx formats. The paper should not be longer than 5,000 words (footnotes,references, tables, etc. included).

2. Please also include an abstract (100–150 words) and keywords (5–8) at the beginning of the paper, and a short bio at the end.

3. Main text: 12 pts, line spacing: 1,5. Footnotes: 10 pts, line spacing: 1,5. Please justify your text and use the Times New Roman font in both cases.

4. Mottos: italics, font size 10 pts, right-aligned.

5. Headings: bold, left-aligned.

6. Quotations: inverted commas, no italics.

7. Please use in-text citations rather than footnotes. When referring to translations, you may also indicate the initial publication date.

One of the most important books in the history of game research has been Homo Ludens (Huizinga, 1967/1938).

Janet Murray (1997, p. 50) presents a different opinion.

The group of researchers interested in the performative aspect of video games includes Darshana Jayemanne. Let us examine the book in which he discusses this phenomenon (Jayemanne, 2017).

If you have any doubts regarding in-text citations or the list of references, you may consult the APA style guidelines.

8. Sample literature references at the end of the paper:

Authored book

Huizinga, J. (1967/1938). Homo Ludens. Zabawa jako źródło kultury (trans. W. Wirpsza, M. Kurecka). Warszawa: Czytelnik.

Edited book

Wolf M.J.P., Perron B. (ed.). (2014). The Routledge Companion to Video Game Studies. New York – London: Routledge.

Book chapter

Waern, A., Back, J. (2015). Experimental Game Design. In P. Lankoski, S. Björk (ed.), Game Research Methods: An Overview (pp. 341–353). ETC Press.

Journal article

Apperley, T. (2006). Genre and Game Studies: Toward a Critical Approach to Video Game Genres. Simulation & Gaming, 37(1), 6–23.

Online content

Gies, A. (May 13,  2015). The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review: Off the Path. Polygon. Online: https://www.polygon.com/2015/5/13/8533059/the-witcher-3-review-wild-hunt-PC-PS4-Xbox-one (accessed on April 23, 2021).

9. Sample video game references:

Blizzard Entertainment (2004). World of Warcraft [PC, online game]. Blizzard Entertainment (played on February 12, 2021).

From Software (2015). Dark Souls III [PlayStation 3]. Namco Bandai.

Pajitnov, A. (1984). Tetris [Electronika 60].

In case of a multi-platform game, please name the platform to which the text refers.

10. Longer fragments of sources cited (more than three lines of text) should have the form of block quotations.

11. To highlight selected phrases in the text, please put them in bold.

12. In the main text, titles of books, articles, games, journals, etc. should be written in italics.

13. Whenever a last name is given for the first time in the text, please precede it with a given name.